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Teaser for ‘Vairam’, starring Devaraj’s son as hero, unveiled in a grand manner!

Teaser for 'Vairam', starring Devaraj's son as hero, unveiled in a grand manner!

‘Vairam’ is presented by Yuvans Naidu and produced by Shri Bhramarambika Sametha Mallikarjuna Swamy Picture and Sanskriti Productions along with Sartak Pictures. Devaraj’s son Pranam Devaraj is introduced as the hero. Producer J. Mallikarjuna today released the movie’s teaser at a grand event. The film is directed by Sai Shivam Jampana. Senior actors Devaraj and Chandra Devaraj were present on the occasion as chief guests. The duo launched the logo of Sri Bhramarambika Sametha Mallikarjuna Swamy banner. Well-known actors Banerjee and Kashi Viswanath unveiled the teaser for ‘Vairam’.

Speaking on the occasion, Devaraj said that the Telugu audience have always loved him a lot. “I sincerely want the audience’s support for my son. I liked the story of ‘Vairam’ as narrated by the director. The Kannada version’s teaser is already a hit. The Telugu teaser is equally awesome. The producer will earn fame after this movie. Garuda Ram, who acted in ‘KGF’, has done the movie,” he added.

Producer J. Mallikarjuna said, “I liked the story and conveyed the same to Devaraj. Thanks to Devaraj and his son Pranam Devaraj who believed in our story, this film is now a reality. Pranam’s performance is superb. Our ‘guru’ Aripirala Kalyan Shastri, Seelam Trivikram Rao, and a strong technical team made it happen.”

Director Sai Sivan Jampana said, “We have made this film in Telugu and Kannada. Prajwal Devaraj, a popular Kannada hero, and Pranam Devaraj loved the script. I am very happy that the son of a star hero like Devaraj is doing this movie as a hero. Garuda Ram is another promising talent. All the actors have acted very well.” He thanked the producer for his support.

Hero Pranam Devaraj said, “Director Sai has made a very good film. Samala Bhaskar treated us so well. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Without the support of my parents, I would not have come this far.” The new hero ended his speech by sincerely hoping that the Telugu audience will support him.

Co-producer Aripirala Kalyan Shastri said that the movie is a result of tireless efforts like those of the mythical Bhatti Vikramarka. “The director has selected a good story and made this movie that everyone will definitely like. I sincerely want the hero to constantly grow to be a sought-after hero for the new generation,” he added.

Actor Vinnu Maddipati said, “‘Vairam’ is a high-voltage movie. The Devaraj couple are nice humans. Their son Pranam Devaraj, who is getting introduced to Telugu, will go a long way. ‘Vairam’ is the fruit of several hardships. The producer has worked very hard. Director Sai possesses the qualities of a great director. I want our Telugu audience to support and bless Pranam Devaraj.”

Kashi Vishwanath said, “We welcome Pranam to the Telugu industry. Devaraj’s family has always been treated very well here. Garuda Ram, Vinnu, Monal and others acted very well in ‘Vairam’. The producer struggled a lot. They will surely get every fruit for their hard work. Director Sai has selected a good story and also executed it remarkably well. He holds the promise to become a mass filmmaker.”

Banerjee said, “Devaraj is a good actor. His son is getting introduced to the Telugu screen as a hero. Producer J. Mallikarjuna is making a movie with a solid story.”

Garuda Ram said, “I am very happy to be acting with Devaraj garu’s son. I did this film because I liked the story as narrated by the director around the release of ‘KGF Chapter 1’. Doing it with the hero is like doing it with my younger brother.”

Heroine Monal said thanked the director and producers for giving her the opportunity to act in such a good movie.


Pranam Devaraj, Vinnu Maddipati, Monal, Garuda Ram, Kashi Viswanath, Shatru, Chammak Chandra, Bhadram, etc.


Producer: J. Mallikarjuna; Director: Sai Sivan Jampana; Co-Producers: Aripirala Kalyan Shastri, Seelam Thrivikram Rao; Music: Mahathi Swara Sagar; DoP: Sama Bhaskar; Editing: Ajay M Kumar; Choreographers: Sirish, Bhushan Murali; Stunts: Mass Madhu, Ram Sunkara, Lion G; Art Director: Ravi Kumar M; PRO: Harsha


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