Sonu Sood launches India’s biggest blood donor app UBLOOD which could save millions

Sonu Sood launches India's biggest blood donor

Actor-humanitarian Sonu Sood on Tuesday launched yet another dream project UBLOOD, the biggest blood donor app which could save the lives of millions. Explaining more broadly about the services that one could benefit from, Sonu Sood said, “It was during the second wave of the pandemic, we were sending blood to hospitals across the country. I remember we formed plasma groups on WhatsApp and Telegram and a few people frantically moved to reach out to patients while coordinating the things. That’s when I thought why not we have a platform that coordinates automatically. Every individual should have UBLOOD on their smartphone. Even if it saves one life, I feel that this platform serves its purpose. It is not just a need, it is a must in your phone,” he said.
Sonu Sood says the UBLOOD helps connect donors and receivers who require immediate help during a medical emergency. “Instead of relying on social media posts, donors can swiftly jump into action to save life on a hospital bed. The idea is to save the lives of people who are far away from proper medical care. UBLOOD tracks how much time the donor would take to reach the recipient. So that doctors get time to prepare for the process. It is a movement, it should be a revolution in the field of blood donation. I am sure anyone who has this app can save a life in their lifetime. This should be the responsibility of every Indian to be on UBLOOD to save lives and give back to society. It is everyone’s responsibility to save lives and be a UBLOOD group family member,” said Sonu Sood.  

Recalling an incident during the gruelling times of the pandemic, Sonu said, “Someone living in a remote village, who doesn’t have accessibility, can be reached out without much stress. I remember a case, a person urgently needed blood in Delhi. And one person agreed to come all the way from Karnal, 100 kms away during the pandemic. That time, I felt someone from the nearby place could have come forward to donate,” he added.
Elaborating more on how different UBLOOD is from other blood donor mobile applications, Sonu says, “People could get connected to the needy. The whole process is so easy and beautiful. That’s what the edge the platform has,” said Sonu Sood.

Chief Strategic Officer, UBLOOD app, Vadhan said, “The first step we took is to make the command centre multilingual where anybody can call and explain their requirements in their language. Our team will assist them in locating a donor and connect with the hospital.”


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