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Life Anubhavinchu Raja review

Starring Ravi Teja, Shruti Shetty, and Sravani Nakki in lead roles, Life Anubhavinchu Raja hit the theaters today. The film was directed by Suresh Thirumur and let us see if the film can keep the audience engaged all the way through or not?


Raja(Ravi Teja) faces failure repeatedly, despite his efforts to succeed in life. He meets Nithya Harathi one day and develops feelings towards her. However, their love is not accepted by Harathi’s parents as Raja is jobless. Then comes Sriya, who meets Raja in the Himalayas. Rest of the story unveils the love track between these characters.


The film has a gripping story as it deals with the life journey of Raja, a typical guy who dreams of a settled lifestyle, but failure comes knocking his door Evey now and then. This is when he meets Nithya Harathi and there is a change of fortunes.

Just when Raja’s journey with Nithya is going fine, the latter’s life takes an interesting turn.

The director Suresh Thirumur does a fine job by picking a new-age script that appeals to major sections of the audience. The screenplay is gripping and holds the intensity.

Ramu is the music director and he comes up with some commendable work. The background score is very impressive as well.

The film is crisp and does not bore the audience, thanks to some impressive editing.

Cinematographer, Rajini is a good find and he presents the film in a rich manner.

The film is an optimal Valentine’s day release as it comes with the right content.

Rating: 3.25/5

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