Soon #TheManchuTwins to launch their own Kids Fashion Line

Now, moms of fashionable children have something to cheer about, Viranica Manchu is readying to launch a kid’s fashion line focused on ready-to-wear. The line will be launched in the month of May 2020, and will be available pan India. The brand name for the kids’ line will be revealed soon by mommy Viranica and papa Vishnu Manchu.

@themanchutwins, Ariaana and Viviana have over 25 thousand and growing followers on Instagram, and regularly snapped wearing trendy clothing and generating thousands of likes for each post on their Instagram. With growing followers, many Indian A-lister Designers are eager to sign up ManchuTwins to influence their line. The young twin girls are  at the top of the list of social influencers to follow for millennial parents, who want their kids to look cool and showcase their style status.

According to the Indian Kids Digital Insights 2019 — a study conducted by Totally Awesome, an international children’s digital media company, says, 73% of kids consuming digital content ask their parents to buy something because a child influencer had it or used it. 81% of parents buy things their kids want because they were advertised by a child influencer.

The young parents always search for visually appealing clothing for dressing up their children to look cool. The #TheManchuTwins fashion line brand, is built with fun, comfort, and style in mind, and will be in affordable range. Viranica and Vishnu Manchu have roped in many leading designers from New York, Europe and India to give universal appeal to the soon be launched brand.

Talking about her brainchild, Viranica says “It is a niche that offers tremendous opportunity, not just as a business but also a breath of freshness in the kid’s clothing line. We have also thought through to create the right price points, sourcing and production capabilities to back our dream. This is will be one of India’s best children clothing line.”


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